Aldi: Cuthbert the Caterpillar to return to stores form next week

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Cuthbert and Colin are two names that Britons by now know well. The two caterpillar cakes have been involved in a legal battle in recent weeks as Marks and Spencer lodged a claim with the High Court, arguing that Aldi’s Cuthbert is too similar to its Colin the Caterpillar cake.

Although the court claim is ongoing and the caterpillar drama continues to be discussed and dissected on social media, Aldi is bringing Cuthbert back to stores.

To raise money for cancer charities, Aldi is reintroducing the caterpillar cake to all of its stores from next Monday, May 17.

When it was unveiled that Mark and Spencer wanted to sue Aldi in April, Cuthbert the Caterpillar was not on sale as it is a seasonal product.

However, not long afterward, Aldi announced that Cuthbert will be returning to stores in May.

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In the video, the captions read: “Cuthbert the Caterpillar is making the biggest comeback of them all.

“The first ever Caterpillar skydive – raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

“Travelling at 50mph from 40,000-ft above ground.”

At the end of the video, Aldi added: “No caterpillar cakes were hurt in this charity skydive.”

Aldi’s posts this week have included the hashtag “Caterpillars for Cancer”, which the supermarket has attempted to get trending over the past few weeks.

As well as encouraging Britons to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust, the supermarket has also reminded people this week that Cuthbert the Catrepillar will soon be available to buy in stores.

In one post, Aldi said: “By popular demand. The outlaw, in store.

“Landing 17th May 2021.”

In another post, the retailer asked customers: “If you could skydive for charity, where would it be and why would it be with Cuthbert?”

It seems that Aldi shoppers are excited for Cuthbert’s return, with many people demonstrating their support for him on Twitter.

One customer said: “Donated! Go Cuthbert!”

Another added: “Donated! Go Cuthbert you are brilliant.”

One person wrote: “What an amazing way to raise money and awareness.”

Another commented: “Go Cuthbert!!! We love you!”

Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake will be back in Aldi stores from next week, costing £4.99, and customers can meanwhile donate to Teenage Cancer Trust via ALDI’s Cuthbert Skydive.

Almost £2,500 has been raised for the charity so far, at the time of writing.

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