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Andrew Neil warns Boris Johnson Brexit gambit could backfire in Keir Starmer’s favour | Politics | News

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Boris Johnson has sparked fury after revealing his Internal Market Bill, which could override elements of the already signed Withdrawal Agreement. This caused outrage after a Government minister admitted the move would breach international law. The EU have also threatened to pull out completely of the Brexit trade talks telling the Prime Minister he has one month to remove elements of the bill.

While speaking on Spectator TV, Andrew Neil warned if this attempt to change the Withdrawal Agreement goes poorly, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer would be quick to criticise.

Mr Neil argued the Labour Party and Sir Keir have repeatedly accused the Government of incompetence.

If this tactic by Mr Johnson causes further disruption or does not pay-off, Mr Neil said confidence in the Tory Party would slide further – playing into the hands of Sir Keir.

Mr Neil said: “One of the dangers for the Government is that Keir Starmer has been playing on the theme of incompetence.

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“The polls are alright for the Government at the moment but in the long run that has got to be corrosive.”

Political commentator Katy Balls agreed and claimed the Labour Party wants to continuously insist the Tory party is incompetent with Brexit.

She said: “There is definitely a sense of incompetence and it is what the Labour Party want to talk about.

“We are not hearing much from Keir Starmer in terms of policy so we don’t know exactly what he is about.


“But what we do know is that Keir Starmer is about pointing at Boris Johnson and saying I would be less bad than him.”

Despite this possibility, Ms Balls argued that Boris Johnson’s brazen move could put more pressure on the Labour Party and Sir Keir.

She noted that if this move by the Prime Minister leads to a no deal scenario, the Labour leader could be forced to clearly outline his stance on the possibility. 

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