Asda Christmas delivery slots: When do you have to book your Christmas delivery by?

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Christmas is just over five weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about what you’d like to eat on the festive occasion. Supermarkets are always packed around the holidays, so it might be wiser to book a delivery slot online instead. If you shop with Asda, you can book your Christmas delivery slot right now. reveals everything you need to know about Asda’s Christmas delivery slots.

Asda is offering Christmas Delivery slots between December 21 and 23, and you can book them online.

All you have to do is type in your postcode to find out if Asda delivers to you and you’ll be able to find out which products are available in your local area.

You can then register for an account online and find a slot that suits you on Christmas week.

You’ll need to act fast though, because Christmas slots are completely sold out already in lots of areas.

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When do you have to book your Christmas delivery by?

The earlier you put your order in the better, since most of the Christmas slots have sold out already.

The delivery slots came out earlier than usual this year, with bookings open since November 6.

The site states that you need to book a Christmas slot between December 21 and 23 to shop the Christmas Food to Order range.

You’ll need to book your slot ASAP to ensure you get one. has contacted Asda to find out if more slots will be made available.

The Food to Order category includes starters, sides, mains, desserts and party food.

This means you can get your Christmas meat or vegetarian and vegan substitutes prepared and delivered by Asda.

The supermarket also has a nine-month matured luxury Christmas pudding on offer, as well as a sherry trifle.

The party food includes snack platters, ham joints, and cheese.

Potatoes and vegetables for the Christmas dinner aren’t included in this section, you can get them from the regular products section.

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