Basmati rice recipe: The BEST way to cook basmati rice – do you need to rinse it?

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Basmati rice is a staple for millions of dishes, especially in the UK, where curry is many people’s favourite food. Many cooks will use rice several times a week and use it in leftovers. But they might not understand the best possible way to make it, and there are several misconceptions about the cooking process.

Do you need to wash rice before cooking?

One of the first things people should do before cooking is wash their rice.

Rice is covered in starch and needs rinsing, as otherwise it may spoil faster and smell off-putting.

The most efficient way to remove this starch is by placing it in a bowl and using one hand to swirl it around.

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Once the surface has started bubbling and foaming, place on the lid.

Then, turn down the heat for medium-low to cook the rice for another 12 minutes.

Rather than serving straight out of the pan, people should leave it to rest for 10 minutes.

After that, they can fluff their yield by dragging a rubber paddle through it, and it is ready to eat.

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