Best sports bras for 2021 – 11 sports bras for yoga, running, and more

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An ill-fitting or non-supportive sports bra not only takes the fun out of a workout, but it also has the potential to leave you feeling sorer than you need to, especially in the back and shoulders. Not only do sports bras serve a functional purpose, but there’s also nothing quite like a new workout outfit to reinspire you to commit to your fitness goals.

Just like we come in all shapes and sizes, so do the sports bras we need, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the best sports bras for 2021 depending on the amount of support you’re looking for.

Size range: XS – XXL

Impact: Medium

The breathable mesh and sweat-wicking fabric that this bra has been made from allows your skin to breathe freely while providing medium level support.

RRP: £22.99

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Size range: 32C – 42E

Impact: High

The light padding and underwire provide subtle compression for advances support, but still, maintain a flattering shape.

RRP: £21.99

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