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President Trump and his Democratic competitor Joe Biden went head to head on Tuesday evening for the first time during the US 2020 election campaigns. The aspiring First Lady, Jill Biden, said her husband’s public statements could not be compared.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Ms Biden said that after Mr Trump, “you cannot even say the word gaffe”.

The CNN anchor, Jake Tapper, commented on Mr Biden’s slip-ups in public.

Ms Biden replied: “Oh, you can’t even go there.”

She said he “has been known to make the occasional gaffe”.

Ms Biden added: “After Donald Trump, you cannot even say the word gaffe.”

Mr Tapper asked her whether “the gaffe issue is over”.

He was told it is “over, so over”.

Ms Biden’s interview came after President Trump suggested that his election competitor was taking performance enhancing drugs, without evidence, before campaign appearances.

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She said: “Oh my gosh, yes he’s ready.”

Before the first debate, Ms Biden added: “One of the things I’m excited for is when the American people see Joe Biden up there on that stage, they’re going to see what a president looks like. “

But Tuesday’s election debate was labelled as disastrous by many viewers across the US and internationally.

Mr Biden asked the president to “shut up” after Mr Trump interrupted him several times.

According to The Washington Post, Mr Trump interrupted the debate 71 times.

The Democratic nominee called Mr Trump “the worst president” in history.

The two White House hopefuls will take part in two more debates before the election in November.

Next week, vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will also be going head to head.

But the US presidential commission has said there will need to be changes to the next debates due to the outcome of the first discussion between Mr Trump and Mr Biden.

It said the first presidential debate “made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues”.

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