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Brexit news: Boris told to walk away if EU won’t agree Brexit trade deal -poll | Politics | News

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The Brexit deadline is looming closer with the Prime Minister setting a deadline of October 15 to determine if a deal is likely to be achieved by the end of the year. But both sides have agreed that “significant areas of difference remain”.

No 10 has warned Mr Johnson is prepared to leave at the end of the transition period without a trade deal, but accepted brokering one would be “better for both sides” and that talks should “intensify”.

A statement said: “Although some progress had been made in recent discussions, they acknowledged that significant areas of difference remain, particularly on fisheries.

“The Prime Minister reiterated that any deal must reflect what the British people voted for and that businesses and citizens needed certainty very soon on the terms of our future relationship.”

Now, an poll – which ran online from 10am to 7pm today – asked whether Mr Johnson should walk away from EU talks if the bloc does not agree a Free Trade Agreement.

A total of 6,249 people cast their vote with 98 percent (6,100) of people urging the Prime Minister to walk away from talks.

Just two percent (133) said no while 16 people said they don’t know.

One person said: “Just walk away.

“Talk next year if they can be realistic, if not concentrate all of our efforts outside of the EU.”

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“We are an independent nation so treat us as one.

“WTO rules please. Let the EU come to the UK when they are ready to talk.”

A third reader said: “It’s quite clear that the EU are only intent on getting a deal that suits them at our expense.

“Better to walk away now and get on with dealing with the rest of the World.”

Someone else pointed out if Mr Johnson gives in to EU demands, it will end his career.

They said: “Having abandoned his own deadlines three times.

“Johnson cannot afford to do so again without signalling submission to the EU, which would certainly end his prime ministerial career.”

Tory Brexiteer John Redwood also called on the Prime Minister to walk away and highlighted how the UK “trades well” with the US without a FTA.

He tweeted: “The UK should not surrender our fish or our law making powers.

“Leave the talks as promised if the EU still doesn’t agree a Free Trade Agreement.

“We trade well with the USA without an Agreement so FTAs are not essential.”

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