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Brexit news: Britons furious at Brussels’ refusal to move on fishing | Politics | News

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Hopes of securing a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU are starting to dwindle, as the two sides have yet to agree on issues such as fishing rights and common standards. Prime Minister Boris Johnson briefed his cabinet yesterday on the latest progress, saying he remained “keen” to get an agreement but would not compromise on the UK’s “core principles”.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “The PM said that his position hasn’t changed: the UK is keen to secure a deal with the EU, but not at the cost of our core principles around sovereignty and control over our laws, borders, money – and our fish.

“Significant issues remain, particularly on the so-called level playing field and fisheries.

“We are working hard to find solutions which fully respect UK sovereignty, but it is far from certain that an agreement will prove possible and time is now very short.

“The PM said that, if we cannot find suitable compromises with our European friends, we will leave the transition period on Australia terms on January 1.

“The PM said he was incredibly confident that the UK will thrive with or without a free trade agreement with the EU.”

Express readers have responded furiously to the news that Brussels will still not compromise on allowing Britain to have greater control of its own fishing waters.

As a result, readers urged the Government to walk away from the negotiations and pursue a no deal Brexit instead.

One person wrote: “WTO rules then. The French won’t accept any deal due to the fishing.

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A third reader fumed: “It is unacceptable that the UK govt. has allowed itself to be manipulated into more and more delays.

“The EU has used this as a tactic to take back control of the negotiations.

“The govt. has failed to keep in mind that the EU seeks only to benefit itself and do damage to the UK.

“The only path out, at this late stage, is to terminate discussions on the grounds that the UK will not tolerate the uncertainty of a veto. No deal is still the best option.”

Another person said: “NO DEAL is the safest, they cannot be trusted.

“Clean break and sever all connections, we need to keep them at arm’s length.

“They have shown their true colours in the last 4 years, definitely NO friend to the UK.”

The current Brexit transition period ends on December 31 when Britain will finally leave the EU’s single market and the customs union.

Any deal would have to be ratified by both the UK and European parliaments before then.

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