Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in ‘closer proximity’ to Prince Charles than usual

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 73, and Prince Charles, 72, appeared in public today speaking to NHS staff at the vaccination centre. The couple have recently started their in-public appearances again after they turned to virtual calls due to lockdown restrictions. 

“Looking rather more crumpled than usual, Charles kept in closer proximity to Camilla than usual on this outing, with their torso closeness suggesting a united front in the wake of the Oprah storm. 

“His overriding signals suggested a mixture of relief and delight at the news of his father, though. 

“His face looks red with pleasure here and his eyes are crinkled into an eye-smile that suggests a good, buoyant mood.”

The expert also revealed that Prince Charles is mirroring his father’s gestures on today’s visit.

Judi added: “One interesting body language note: Charles has clasped his hands behind his back here. 

“The Prince is normally seen with his hands in front of his torso though, fiddling with his cuffs or patting his pockets. 

“This change of hand gesture looks very much like mimicry of his father’s signature pose and that in turn suggests who is uppermost in his mind today. 

“The gesture looks like a subconscious desire to create closeness with and to show respect for Prince Philip as Charles appears in public with his wife.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William made their first in-person appearance last week after Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interviewed aired.

Much like Camilla and Charles, the couple stuck together while visiting a school in East London.

At the time, Judi explained: “Even back-to-back here the couple use intense postural echo, standing posed with feet slightly splayed and their hands clasped in front of their torsos as they chat to each of their hosts.

“This gesture suggests team Cambridge is as tight as ever, with shared thinking and a desire to create an impression of an evenly-balanced double-act.”

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