Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles news: ‘Shared interests’ the key to love

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Camilla and Charles wed in London in 2005, after going public with their relationship in 1999. They met almost 50 years ago and have always been friends.

During the course of their romance, there has been lots of negative press and headlines about the couple.

This includes last year after the fourth season of The Crown focused on Charles’ relationship with Princess Diana.

However, their relationship has weathered through hard times, with the couple seeming as happy as ever 15 years after they married.

An international dating and relationship coach, Sami Wunder, gave an insight into why the couple are so in love and have such longevity to their relationship.

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“In that sense once again they are very compatible, they have very similar jokes they can laugh over.

“I think they are quite the perfect match and we can only be happy for them that they found each other.”

It is unclear where Camilla and Charles first met, long ago in 1970.

Some have claimed it was a polo match, whereas others suggested they were invited to the same party by a mutual friend.

However, a rift between the two women was established before Diana and Charles even wed.

A bracelet with a mysterious message led Diana to discover the previous romance between Charles and Camilla, Camilla: Making of a Mistress on Channel 5 revealed. 

While the bracelet had the initials “G” and “F”, young Diana worked out the connection.

Charles had a bespoke bracelet made with a pair of initials on them.

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