Can’t sleep? What to do when you can’t sleep – the 5 techniques to drifting off

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Invest in an app

There are a number of great apps out there to aid sleep and improve its quality, and while there is usually a subscription fee, it’s definitely worth it if you’re regularly struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

Calm and Headspace are just two of those available out there – and they’re definitely worth it.

Options include tuning in to a ‘sleepcast’, in which a narrator reads a specially-written story to get your imagination going and ultimately, send you off to sleep.

There are an array of meditation exercises available, as well as short bursts of meditation specially designed to help you fall asleep, relax you after a bad dream and get you back to sleep if you’re prone to randomly waking up at night.

Often you can try the app’s services with a free trial period, which is worth doing before you splash out.

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