Cleaning hack: Simple trick will revive your non-stick frying pan- ‘Amazing’

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TikToker Sophie Louise has amazed her followers after she revealed how to revive non-stick frying pans back to their original state. She opens the video saying: “Have you got a frying pan that is meant to be non-stick but it sticks now? What you have got to do is get some Fairy Liquid and a soft sponge. Never use a scourer. Give it a wash and dry it. Then, put your hob on a high heat and wait for it to be very, very hot.

“Then, cover the base of the pan in table salt. Shake it about so it is evenly spread and you are going to want it to cook and it is going to end up looking a bit like brown sugar.

“It will only take a few minutes to cook like this depending on how long the hob has been on for.

“Then I tip the salt down the sink because it cleans that too.

“Get a kitchen towel and damp it with water and then just wipe the excess salt away.”

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