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“The blossom will have finished by around April time, and that’s a beautiful time to go.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to weather, Mr Hoblyn points to early summer.

“June is, without doubt, the best terms of weather if you want sun,” he said.

“I suppose you don’t often get many people talking about the best time to go to Cornwall because it’s not in many people’s interest since people are usually talking about school holidays. It’s no good saying they should come in June when they can’t.

“But if you look at the weather stats, then there’s no doubt that June is the best month by a reasonable margin.”

For those looking for a post-summer break, there are options too.

“October is a fabulous time. Though the weather may be a bit inclement, the sea is still warm,” said Mr Hoblyn.

“You can not believe how warm it is thanks to summer, but when you go in April it is freezing.

“There really is a massive difference between spring and autumn in the sea temperatures.

“You can always wear wet suits but in April you wear a wet suit and your face shrinks. I was appalled at how cold it was, I did try it once and never again. But in October I could spend all day surfing.”

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