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Coronavirus UK: THIRD WAVE ‘entirely possible’ warns expert – and lockdown won’t solve it | UK | News

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He told the presenter: “A third wave is entirely possible.

“A scenario I have investigated does actually include this possibility.

“This is just another demonstration that lockdown doesn’t solve the problem, it defers it.

“That is why we need some kind of cavalry on the horizon.”

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The expert continued: “Or, alternatively, if we think that vaccine is not going to be available in six months or 12 months or two years, we do need alternatives.

“The alternative that’s been mentioned so far are things like the Moonshot programme and mass testing.

“There may be others on the horizon too.”

Professor Woolhouse also addressed the debate about an alternative to lockdown, amid reports the scientist that led Sweden’s response to the pandemic is advising the Prime Minister.

He continued: “I’m afraid I don’t see a way through this for the coming months or even years where we don’t have some restrictions in place.

“This is the new normal, we’re going to have to operate differently until we’ve got this virus firmly under control.

“What Sweden has taught us is two things: first it is possible to turn an epidemic around without a strictly enforced lockdown.

“People will argue about whether or not that model is transferable from Sweden to other countries such as the UK.

“But perhaps more importantly, they’ve emphasised the importance of sustainability. We have to implement restrictions that we can live with until the cavalry comes.”

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