Craft kits for adults – 5 DIY projects to get you through lockdown 3.0

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While we could take refuge in the great outdoors during the previous lockdowns for our daily exercise, with the cold weather and short days, staying in with a fun DIY craft project sounds like a far more enjoyable way to spend your time. If you’re thinking craft projects are just for children, you couldn’t be more wrong, and here are five adult-friendly projects for you to undertake.

Candle making

Is your favourite candle a little out of your price range? Recreate it at home by making your very own candle. Candle making is a relatively simple and nontime consuming hobby that lets you make fully personalised scents

What you need:

Candle Making Kit , RRP: £45.99


Watercolour Painting

Many of us haven’t picked up a paintbrush since we were children, and consider it a waste of time if we’re not immediately good at it. Watercolour painting is one of the more forgiving painting methods that is ideal for beginners.

What you need:

New Botanical Painting Paperback, RRP: £9.79

25 pcs Watercolour Painting Set, RRP: £19.99


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