Diabetes type 2: Reduce carbohydrates and sugar in your diet for healthy blood sugar

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“Don’t be hoodwinked into thinking breakfast cereals that appear healthy – are indeed healthy,” added Dr Lee.

“Many different brands that look and sound like they must be good for you, such as muesli or granola, are often packed with sugar.

“For example, some types of granola contain 17 g of sugar per serving – around four teaspoons.

“Each teaspoon of sugar equates to around 5 g of carbohydrate.

“The problem gets worse because often people often eat more than one serving. And that’s before you’ve added the milk.

“Always check the label and make sure you are eating no-sugar cereal. Check the packaging and look for the green label.

“Cereals that are excellent for diabetics include porridge, wheat biscuits, and shredded wheat.”

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