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The proposed scheme has been met with a mixed response with some appreciative of the chance for a summer holiday while others claim it is unfair and penalising poorer and younger people.

One person tweeted: “Double vaccinated travel needs to start! Thousands and thousands of people in the aviation industry are calling out for it to preserve jobs. It’s fair and makes sense! Many parts of Europe already have this rule!”

Another added: “Couldn’t agree more. Let us who are double vaccinated travel and get on with our lives without massively expensive testing and unenforceable quarantine.”

One person tweeted: “I am not rich, I don’t own a villa in Spain, Greece, Italy or Portugal. I don’t live in a rich area, I am young been double vaccinated and will be going on holiday. It is you trying to create a divided society with your idiotic point.”

Another wrote: “Leaking the idea that double vaccinated people might be allowed to holiday overseas in the summer is a cynical way of getting young people to have the jab. This is not a way to govern. We need more voting against the government as they all seem to be ****ing hopeless sheep.”

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