Dr Hilary warns UK a breeding ground for new variant and forecasts 50,000 cases this week

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Dr Hilary Jones told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that the UK Government is putting too much faith into solely relying on their coronavirus vaccine programme. The GMB Health Editor added that he expected 50,000 new Covid cases in the coming days across Britain.

Dr Hilary said: “Masks are one thing, social distancing is another thing, vaccination is a third thing.

“We are putting far too much faith in vaccination.

“Everyone is saying it has been a wonderful thing and it has, it has weakened the link between cases and hospitalisations and deaths substantially.

“We would have been in a great position if we were only dealing with the alpha variant.

“But we are dealing with the delta variant which is much more transmissible.

“We are going to have 50,000 cases probably in another few days, 50,000 cases.”

He continued: “There are going to be more variants, the more cases we have, we have a factory, a breeding ground for another variant.”

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