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The provider has announced that from January 2022 it will cost some £2 a day to access 4G and 5G data, calls and texts while in Europe.

“This move means that customers joining or upgrading with EE from July will have to pay £2 a day to use their data and minutes across Europe from 2022.

“EE says the move will support investment in its UK-based services, but this is ultimately a backwards step for consumers.

“Unfortunately, when one provider makes such a bold decision it can mean that others follow, so we’ll be watching to see what O2, Vodafone and Three do next.”

He issued advice to EE customers, existing and potential, after the announcement.

One wrote: “They politely waited a bit straight after Brexit….”

Another said: “Doesn’t surprise me to be honest. I’ve never really rated EE for roaming anyway, especially out of EU as their charges were just ridiculous.”

“Disgusting that @EE are reintroducing roaming charges, despite saying they’re werent in January!! #ripoff,” one wrote.

Another said: “Another “win” for the s*** show of Brexit.”

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