Egg fried rice recipe – how to make the perfect egg fried rice

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Fried rice, including that fried with egg, is a dish of cooked rice and is a very popular component of East Asian, southeast Asian and certain south Asian cuisines, as well as being the national dish of Indonesia and Malaysia. Fried rice first developed during the Sui Dynasty in China, and as such, all fried rice dishes can trace their origins back to the Chinese original. Since then, many countries have developed their own variety of fried rice depending on which ingredients have been available to them throughout history. But egg fried with rice is, arguably, the tastiest and most simple combination.

Any egg fried rice recipe works best with pre-cooked rice, as it’s ready to be fried.

Try and plan ahead and boil up a pan of rice in the morning, ready to be fried in the evening for dinner.

Alternatively, you can cook a big batch of boiled rice and freeze it, that way it can be defrosted overnight ready for frying the next day.

If you haven’t pre-cooked rice and are looking for a quick cheat, you can buy microwave rice in the supermarket which is suitable for stir frying.

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Using a spatula, toss everything together to ensure the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

Keep moving the rice around to make sure the heat is distributed evenly.

Once the rice is hot, which should take about five minutes, push to one side of the pan and crack two eggs into the empty space.

Add a small splash of soy sauce to the eggs.

Ensuring the eggy part of the wok is over the heat, fry the eggs, giving it a little mix with a spatula or chopstick until it starts cooking and looks scrambled, but is still a bit runny.

Now, mix the egg into the rice, pour in the remaining soy sauce, and sprinkle the salt and garlic salt on top, mixing it all together.

Add half a tablespoon of the lemon juice, stir and taste. Add a bit more if you think it needs it.

Divide between four bowls and top with chopped spring onions, if you like.

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