Eggs and cholesterol – how many you should eat a day to keep your levels in check

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People may be wary of increasing their blood cholesterol levels, especially as the waxy substance can block arteries and lead to a heart attack. Are you better off avoiding eggs all together? Heart UK – the cholesterol charity – said: “Eating three to four eggs a week should be fine.” To be on the safer side, you might want to take the advice of the Heart Foundation.

A heart attack occurs when the blood flow to the muscle is blocked.

High-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, on the other hand, is considered “good”.

This is because LDL cholesterol picks up the “bad” cholesterol from the blood (before it embeds on artery walls) and takes it to the liver.

Once at the liver, LDL cholesterol is broken down and excreted from the body as waste.

The nutrient-dense egg also contains protein and is “fairly low in fat”.

As well as being mindful of eating saturated fats, exercise is key in reducing cholesterol levels.

“Doing 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week can improve your cholesterol levels,” confirmed the NHS.

You can figure out if you’re exercising at a “moderate intensity” if you can still talk, but can’t sing.

Activities can range from swimming, dancing, jogging, brisk walking to cycling.

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