Elvis loved ‘snake hunting’ at Graceland and on neighbours’ properties: ‘He got a thrill’ | Music | Entertainment

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Ginger Alden, also described chilling scenes.

In particular, one night when she was asleep in bed at Graceland and the deafening boom of a gun being fired woke her up.

In her book, Elvis and Ginger, she wrote: “I bolted upright and saw Elvis standing at the foot of the bed, holding a 57 Magnum pistol in his hand.

“I risked a glance behind me and saw a bullet hole in the wall above the headboard. I looked back at Elvis, trying to wrap my mind around the idea that he really had just shot a hole in the wall.

“By way of explanation, Elvis said he had asked for yogurt again and I hadn’t responded. ‘It was an attention-getter,’ he said.”

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