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Back in 1964, Elvis Presley starred opposite Ann-Margret in one of his best-known movies, Viva Las Vegas. The Hollywood actors became close and even dated for a time. Now in a new interview, Ann-Margret has shared how she and Elvis would tease each other on set.

Speaking with Page Six, Ann-Margret admitted that Elvis really made her laugh.

The 80-year-old said: “He had a great sense of humour. He was very funny.

“And he would tease me but I teased him back. … We had a lot of laughs. Lots of laughter.”

The Viva Las Vegas star was typecast in other movies as a female Elvis, even recording a cover of Heartbreak Hotel at one point.

Ann-Margret remembered how this could be frustrating, only being offered sexy parts.

The 80-year-old said: “It was difficult in the beginning, yes, because nobody thought of me as a serious actress.”

However, things changed when she starred opposite Jack Nicholson in 1971’s Carnal Knowledge.

While earlier this year, she remembered how working on Viva Las Vegas with Elvis was “one of the happiest times of my life.”

Ann-Margret added: “But we moved very much the same. And he loved his mother [Gladys, who died in 1958].

“I loved my mother and father. I had a great time. We were friends ‘till the end. I had a great time.”

Following Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977, his Viva Las Vegas co-star travelled to Graceland to attend the funeral the following day.

While three months later, Ann-Margret hosted Memories of Elvis, which included abridged versions of The King’s 1968 Comeback Special and 1973’s Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite.


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