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In 1957 Elvis Presley was gaining a huge amount of fame after releasing five hit albums that included a number of successful singles such as Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes. He had also ventured to Hollywood and starred in a handful of movies, including Jailhouse Rock, bolstering his fame even more. So then, it came as quite a shock when he was drafted into the United States Army. In 1958 the singer was sent to an army barracks in Friedberg, Germany for the USA.

The star remained in Germany until 1960 when he returned to the US and continued his entertainment career.

During this time Elvis experienced a new level of fame when he started being chased by various women.

In a letter penned to one of his closest friends – Alan “Hog Ears” Fortis, a member of the Memphis Mafia – Elvis bragged about how he was at “Grind City” with a new girl.

He wrote: “I have been dating this little German ‘Chuckaloid’ by the name of Margrit [Buergin].”

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Elvis added that his new fling looked like “BB” – an abbreviation of the celebrity Brigitte Bardot.

Margrit was indeed very blonde and skinny, much like the aforementioned singer and actress.

Elvis bragged: “It’s Grind City. Well, I gotta go wade in the mud.”

These comments may have been references to what Elvis was getting up to with Margrit, or they could have been slang for something entirely different.

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However, he wasn’t always so happy in Germany. He also wrote to Hog Ears about how miserable he was.

Writing in the same letter, Elvis said: “Well you know I am bound to be pretty lonely or I wouldn’t be writing a letter.

“We are up at a training area for 50 days and believe me it’s miserable. It’s cold and there is nothing at all to do up here. I am about 200 miles from Friedberg and won’t be back until the 20th of Dec.

“It will sure be a great Christmas this year. ‘ha’ I would give almost anything to be home. You know it will be March of 1960 before I return to the States. Man I hate to think about it.”

The letter must have been penned quite early into his tenure in Germany as he went on to lament staying “another two years”.

Elvis then added: “I can hardly wait to start singing, travelling, making movies, and above all seeing the old gang and old Graceland. All I do is sit and count the days.”


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