Fatty liver disease: Expert warns of drinking beer and cocktails which increase risk

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When it comes to the worst culprits for alcoholic beverages and fatty liver disease, Hussain said: “Many people believe that beer is a milder drink due to its lower alcohol content in comparison to spirits.

“However, beer is very high in calories and people will often drink more than two pints in one sitting, meaning that their alcoholic and caloric intake is quite high.

“Opting for a lighter beer can make a difference to the calorie count, but that should not be an excuse to drink twice as much as you normally would.

“Pina coladas are the worst alcoholic drinks for your body.

“Containing rum, coconut cream and coconut milk, a pina colada can add up to more calories than a hamburger.

“The pineapple juice contained in a pina colada also adds to the sugar count.

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