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On the FFIX PS Store listing click the […] button and then choose select “FINAL FANTASY XIV Free Trial” to download a free trial client.

The team behind Final Fantasy 14 have said the PS5 version will benefit from greatly increased frame rates, true 4K resolution, 3D Audio and haptic feedback.

And in the run-up to the FF14 update 5.5 release a blog post on the official PlayStation Blog has outlined what fans can expect from the PS5 edition of FF14.

In the blog Shoichi Matsuzawa, the Final Fantasy XIV Lead Project Manager, said: “If you are starting FFXIV fresh, the Free Trial version will also be available during the open beta on PS5—you can play A Realm Reborn and the first expansion pack, Heavensward, up to level 60. Worry not—your character, progress and everything else will carry over to the full version.

“The full version for the PlayStation 5 will be available after the conclusion of the open beta, so we would encourage new players who start on the free trial to consider switching over to the full product version.”

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