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THE SEX PISTOLS: Never Mind the B******* (Virgin)

The perfect album – classic songs, attitude, the right time…in and out, bosh! It caused a complete u-turn in music and there has been nothing like it since. Nothing comes close. 

BOB DYLAN: Desire (Columbia)

I grew up near a record shop in Crouch End, and I’d go there every weekend to spend my paper round money. They steered me to this. Dylan blew my mind. Hurricane, Joey…all the songs tell stories. Emmylou Harris sang backing vocals.

PRINCE: Sign O’ The Times (Paisley Park)

The artwork! I took it home, studied it, dived so deep inside…the album is deep and so real. It’s beautiful, a slice of perfection.  He created madness.

DAVID BOWIE: The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars (RCA)

My aunt gave me this when I was 11. It was an amazing journey of sound and vision, and lyrics that drew you in. I was so inspired by him. He was thought-provoking and strange and jarring, but brilliant.

PJ HARVEY: Rid Of Me (Island)

Bare bones rock music, not the silly Sunset Strip style “big hair” bands; just earthy, real, raw and fascinating. I was seduced by her music. I still am.

PIXIES: Surfer Rosa (4AD)

This was made in nine days. I just loved them. They found a way to marry punk rock and interesting ideas. A huge influence on me.


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