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Google Maps Street View has become a popular tool with citizens from all around the world. The clever tool is used by people to help them find their way across their own country as well as destinations further away. More recently, the tool has been used to spot some bizarre and comical occurrences.

The scene looks perfectly normal until users zoom in on the group of people walking away from the pub.

Four men can be seen walking down the road away from the pub.

The men appear to be quite young, wearing jeans, shoes and shirts.

But it appears that one of the men isn’t walking at all.

Rather, two of his friends are trying to carry him down the road.

It appears that the man has fallen on his back and needs to be carried by his two friends.

The man who is being carried can be seen clinging onto his friend’s arm as he’s attempted to be carried away.

One man is clutching both his legs in each hand while the other is bent over trying to lift his body.

Another man, who also appears to be with them, is stood watching the scene in bemusement.

The hilarious sight was spotted on Reddit by an eagle-eyed user.

The post is yet to garner any comments but is likely to over the coming days.

Birmingham is a major city in the West Midlands, England with a population of more than two million people.

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