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Google Maps Street View is frequently used by people looking to explore the wider world from the comfort of their own home. Using both satellite and 3D cameras the programme gives users the chance to view parts of the world from above, as well as on-the-ground.

Users were particularly intrigued by the sighting of a large aircraft carrier which appeared to have plopped down in the foliage of a large woodland area in the US.

Situated Hillsboro, Portland, the scene was first sighted from above using Google Maps’ satellite software.

From above, the body of a large white aeroplane can be seen in a sunny clearing.

The aircraft appears to be completely intact, with no signs of damage.

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Large stacked of wood are also used to hold up its body.

In the cockpit of the aircraft, a light seems to be switched on, suggesting there is someone inside.

A second photosphere, snapped from on top of the plane, shows people standing on its wings and roof, suggesting this is some kind of attraction.

However, all of the plane’s doors remain closed, suggesting it may not be entirely open to visitors.

Luckily, savvy users came together in a Reddit forum to explain the story behind the seemingly abandoned passenger carrier.

The aircraft is labelled by Google Maps as “aeroplane home”.

Furthermore, a link in the location description leads to a website with more information to the history of the area.

“That plane didn’t crash there,” explained a Reddit user.

“A guy bought it for $100k and put it there so he could live in it.”

A second user applauded the revelation, stating: “That just makes it so much more awesome.”

According to the associated website, the aeroplane is a “used” vehicle which has been transformed into a “multimillion-dollar aerospace quality home”.

Atlas Obscura also offers details on the interesting accommodation.

The website states it is a “Boeing 727” aircraft which was purchased in 1999 as a home for “one man and his family”.

The plane is “equipped with water, electricity, and sewage plus 1,066 square feet of interior space.”

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