Gut health: Experts detail best and worst foods for your diet when it comes to microbes

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What to avoid

“When it comes to the health of the trillions of bacteria in your gut, it’s important to maintain a healthy balanced diet and to avoid an excess of certain types of food, said Roxane Bakker, Head of Nutrition and Registered Dietitian at

She continued: “For example, food from animals, such as meat and dairy products, in excess can upset the microflora balance.

“However, in moderation, these foods can be a great source of protein and other nutrients such as choline, vital for maintaining a healthy nervous system and DNA synthesis.

“Foods that contain both simple and sugar alcohols can irritate the gut lining, causing inflammation which may lead to a host of other conditions.

“Processed foods that are high in corn syrup, sorbitol and other artificial sweeteners should be avoided if you’re suffering from a sensitive gut.

“Another one to mention is fried foods as the body finds them harder to digest.

“Cooking in saturated fats can further irritate the stomach and fried foods can promote the growth of harmful bacteria in the microbiome.”

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