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Many Britons have been hoping measures will ease in time for Easter and Summer holidays.

However, today, Grant Shapps dashed expectations further.

Speaking on Sky News, the minister said: “I am Transport Secretary so I absolutely want people to be able to travel but it is a fact that right now it is illegal to leave your home to go on holiday.

“It is illegal to do that in the UK or around the world so I am afraid, at the moment, that is off the cards.”

He continued: “I don’t want to unnecessarily raise peoples hopes.

“The truth is we just don’t know how the vaccine will respond both to the vaccines and, of course, how people respond to social distancing and those kinds of measures and therefore exactly when we will be able to unlock.

“So I am afraid I am unable to give you a definitive will there or won’t there be the opportunity to take holidays this next year either at home or abroad.”

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