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While the summer holiday season may be over for Brits, those who didn’t manage to get away recently may be looking for options closer to home for a break. However, with coronavirus cases on the rise in all four nations of the UK, places to go on holiday are running out as travel restrictions come into force in line with regional lockdowns.

Can I go on holiday to Wales?

Wales has not banned visitors to the country, although there are quarantine restrictions if you are travelling there from some countries, none of which form a part of the UK.

There are four main restrictions currently in place throughout Wales:
• people should not meet indoors in groups of more than six people who are not members of their household (or extended household), unless they have a good reason
• people must not gather outdoors in groups of more than 30
• face coverings are mandatory in indoor public spaces (subject to certain exemptions and exceptions)
• licensed premises must not sell alcohol after 10pm

There are however, some caveats to these rules.

Areas of Wales are currently subject to specific, harsher restrictions than others following rising cases.

Travel in and out of these areas, for locals or visitors, is restricted to essential travel only – so you cannot go on holiday in an area that is currently subject to extra restrictions. advises: “There are no legal restrictions on people travelling to parts of Wales which are not under local restrictions, but we are asking people to think very carefully about making journeys.”

The country’s overall infection rate is 78.8 per 100,000, up on Saturday’s figure of 76.2.

The Welsh Government is also considering imposing quarantine restrictions on those travelling to the country, in an effort to keep COVID-19 cases down.

The Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said ministers have been assessing various options after Boris Johnson said he did not want to introduce restrictive measures on travel throughout the UK.

Mr Gething said in a press briefing today COVID-19 press briefing on Monday: “We’re actively considering what we should do and I’ve discussed it this morning with the First Minister.

“We have quarantine regulations for international travel.

“So for some of the hotspot areas in the north of England, the North East and North West, and the West Midlands, if they were other countries or territories, we would have quarantine regulations for them to return to the UK.”

Asked if the Welsh Government was considering imposing quarantine restrictions on people living elsewhere in the UK, Mr Gething said: “From high incidence areas across the UK, yes, we’re actively considering it.”

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