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Hotel holidays see guests well and truly looked after throughout their stay. Hotel rooms provide plenty to ensure the guests have what they need. However, some very useful items won’t be found in the rooms.

This will prove especially useful for those travelling with others.

There can often not be enough socket space for everyone’s devices.

Taking along a power extension cable means you can plug much more in during your holiday.

Furthermore, it limits the stress of needing multiple adaptors when abroad.


“Pack a power board in your suitcase with at least four sockets and then you don’t have to unplug the bedside light or clock to charge your technology,” said Tyerman.

“If you invest in a multi-pronged, international adaptor for multiple countries, one is enough… or maybe two in case you leave one behind in your travels.”

The expert added: ”The other advantage of a plug board is that all your technology charges are in one central location and not scattered around the room – so there is less chance of leaving items behind.”

Purchasing an adaptor with USB slots is also useful.

American travel television host Samantha Brown told CNN that if you’re worried about the suitcase then not fitting in the overhead bin in the plane, once you’ve expanded the case and zipped the whole case shut you can then re-zip the expansion to make the case smaller again.

Brown also recommends using packing cubes if you want to fit more in.

She is a particular advocate of new with a clear top so you can see what’s inside. “I don’t stack things, I roll and lay them out,” the host added.

A benefit of packing cubes is that you can just slide them into the drawer of a hotel or cruise cabin so you’re eliminating a step when it comes to unpacking.

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