‘How did you do that? So annoying’ James Martin hails best Indian dish he’s EVER tasted

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James Martin, 48, has shared a plethora of recipes in his time on the television screens as well as releasing a number of cookbooks. On his show, James Martin’s Saturday Morning, the chef had several guests who shared their tasty recipes. 


– Half tablespoon ginger and garlic paste

– One teaspoon garam masala 

– One teaspoon red chilli powder

– Oil

– One tablespoon lemon juice 

– Three onions

– Chopped chilli 

– Bay leaf

– One tsp Black pepper powder

– One tsp cinnamon powder

– One pinch clove powder

– Three tablespoons chopped tomatoes

– Three tablespoons full fat Greek yoghurt

– Apricot paste

– Coriander

– Lemon


Firstly, marinate the prawns and the monkfish together. 

Rub the marinade all over the fish and leave to marinate for around 30 minutes in the fridge.

Then, place some ghee in a saucepan and wait for it to melt.

Fry some onions in the saucepan until softened. 

Once they are golden brown, add some chopped chillies.

Then add a bay leaf to help infuse the dish.

Atual then adds the spices at this stage.

Once mixed, add in some chopped tomatoes or passata and then add some yoghurt.

Next, add some apricot paste to help add some sweetness to the dish.

Start with pan frying the monkfish by getting a little bit of colour onto it and then put it into the oven for six minutes.

Dropping the heat, add the prawns into the pan to caramelise them.

Add a squeeze of lemon and a green chilli into the mix and add the monkfish back into the pan.

Blend the sauce to make it smooth and add some water if you wish to make it thinner.

Add the sauce into a bowl and then top it with the seafood.

Speaking on the same show, James also revealed how he hated crab sticks.

While sharing his California roll recipe, the chef explained: “We’re going to do like a California roll but it’s not a California roll because I don’t like crab sticks.

“I think they’re the food of the devil…so we’ve got a lovely bit of tuna which I’m going to pan fry some of the tuna, then some of the tuna I’m going to make into a little sort of sushi roll.”

For those who also don’t like crab, tuna is a great healthy alternative that can produce the same flavour. 

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