How to clean white trainers – the simple tricks for sparkling shoes

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The only downside to a pair of white trainers is how dirty and beaten up they become after a few wears. You can’t stick a pair of trainers in the washing machine to return them to their box-fresh dazzling state, so what do you do?

White trainers start to look more scruffy the more you wear them.

They will accumulate stains, dirt and other messy particles.

White trainers will also start to appear less white due to the impact of prolonged direct sunlight exposure.

Keeping your shoes stored in a dark place will help to prevent bright white fading to a dull shade.

You might find that your white trainers have turned a yellow colour, and this is due to the fact that the paint reacts with oxygen.

Excessive cleaning of your trainers will also cause colour fade, so only clean them when necessary.

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Leather shoes

If your white trainers are made from leather, you will ideally need to buy professional leather cleaning milk.

Use the milk on a damp cloth and wipe the shoe in circular motions.

Then damp a cloth with water and use it to rinse the shoe clean.

If you are in a rush and don’t have a leather cleaning product, you can use white vinegar diluted with water or a shampoo and water solution.

Follow up with a leather balm to moisturise your shoes.

Using a chemical product including vinegar can damage the shoe and take away its dye.

How to clean the sole

Although you don’t see the sole of the shoe once they’re on your feet, it’s unhygienic not to clean them every now and then.

Many of us walk through our homes with our shoes on, bringing new dirt in with us every day.

Clearing away dirt and debris from the soles of your shoes improves your grip, meaning you are less likely to trip up.

All you need is a paste made from equal parts of water and baking soda, and a toothbrush.

Dip the toothbrush in the paste and work the paste onto your shoes in a circular motion with the toothbrush.

Use a wet cloth to wipe your shoes clean.

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