How to get the ‘no makeup’ makeup look: 6 tips for a flawless natural face

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As much as we all wish we were born with model-perfect looks, everyone has their own insecurities and imperfections we’d rather not have on show on a daily basis. The natural, ‘no makeup’ makeup look is one everyone strives to perfect, and it only takes a few tips in order to rock that ‘I woke up like this’ glow. Whether you’re looking for some toned-down inspiration to rock on your next holiday, are wanting to simplify your daily routine, or even just venturing into the daunting world of cosmetics for the first time, we’ve got you covered. spoke to senior makeup artist Anais Thomas, who has plenty of experience under her belt working for leading cosmetics brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, NARS and Giorgio Armani.

Anais has worked with varying customers and clients who all have different tastes and goals when it comes to their makeup routines, but has noticed a huge surge in demand for more toned-down, ‘no makeup’ tips.

She said: “Throughout lockdown us makeup fiends have given our skin a well-deserved break.

“Switching from working in-store with customers to giving virtual consultations and tips and tricks through my social media has been a bit of a shock to the system but I’ve noticed a significant shift in people’s attitudes to their skin, and what they apply to it.

“I think all this time wearing little to no products on our face has made many realise the importance of looking after our skin and also forced us to be comfortable wearing less.”

This doesn’t mean people have lost interest in makeup altogether, but it’s undeniable that the beauty industry as a whole has seen a huge shift towards enhancing natural beauty rather than ‘hiding flaws’.

Yes, creative, heavy makeup is still booming in the social media influencing world, but that is more of an artistic expression and less of a day-to-day generalised attitude.

Anais works with brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, who have always had the clear ambition of highlighting customers’ natural beauty and making them feel good about themselves.

The expert has broken down some of her best tips for achieving that off-duty model look with minimal steps and a few investment products.

Skincare is everything

Your skin is your base, and the best place to begin a no-makeup look – which has minimal products – is by working on your skincare.

Having genuinely great, glowing skin is key to this look, and you don’t need to spend thousands to achieve it either.

Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser is a great place to start and is one you can use in the shower. It removes your makeup, gives your skin a gentle cleanse and preps your skin for the day.

If you haven’t already been introduced to the wonders of toner, please do invest. An exfoliating toner such as Pixi Glow Tonic popped some on a cotton pad and wiped across your face will show you what you’re missing.

As much as you think your face wipes remove all grime from your skin, it doesn’t.

Hydration is the main thing our skin seeks, especially as we get older and lose that elasticity. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream is top of the league in the moisturizer game and it works for all skin types.

Less is more when it comes to coverage

Step away from the matte, full-coverage foundation. Back in 2014 a heavily covered, mattified face was all the rage, but that time is long gone and 2021 is witnessing new dawn for light coverage, barely-there skin.

If you feel confident without any foundation at all, go for it. If not, there are plenty of options which will blur your imperfections without making it look like you’re wearing any makeup at all.

BB and CC creams give your skin some extra hydration whilst still allowing some of your freckles, redness, and skin’s texture to shine through.

IT Cosmetics’ Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream has been my personal go-to for years, I recommend it to all of my clients and they’ve recently expanded their shade range too.

Apply your product with a buffing foundation brush to cover more, or with a sponge to keep the dewiness.

Stick to cream products

If you’re after a light, dewy look, always opt for cream bronzing products such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Contour rather than powders, as they make everything blend and sink right in, which tends to look more natural.

After applying your foundation and concealer, blend a cream contour or bronzer in with a damp sponge.

Bushy brows are in

The best part of this look? Bushy, brushed up brows are encouraged.

There’s definitely been a huge demand for eyebrow products which fill out and give brows that ‘laminated’, brushed up look, so embrace them.

Use a brow gel with fibres, such as Glossier’s Boy Brow or REFY’s Brow Sculpt, brushing them up and into place.

Heavy lashes, be-gone!

The skin is the star of the show with this look, so it’s okay to go light on the lashes.

Curl your lashes and apply a lighter mascara to the top and bottom lashes, or if you really want to cheat the natural look, skip mascara and get your eyelashes lifted.

Most beauty salons offer the treatment, also known as LVL, lash lifting or eyelash perming.

Keep lips simple

You can keep the liquid lipsticks and lip liner in your makeup bag for the time being, all you need for your no-makeup look is a light gloss or balm.

Huda Beauty’s Silk Balm lip gloss is great for a slightly more glam look, as it’s a hydrating sheen for your lips which doesn’t look too dolled up.

If you’re after a slight tint of colour to your lips, indie brand Dr Lipp has an amazing do-all product called the Nipple Balm which comes in a number of light tints, as well as the clear original version.

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