How to sleep: How to sleep better for the different phases – top tips from expert

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Asked how a person can easily switch off and go to sleep, Nina advises: “The rise in stress levels, reduced sun exposure, and over-exposure to blue light (TV, Mobile, iPad, Laptop etc) all influence and impact the natural circadian rhythm negatively and therefore disrupt sleep.

“There are ways to support good sleep that may need to be implemented:

“Avoid blue light for 1-2 hours before bed. If you must be exposed to blue light, wear glasses with amber or red lenses. Blue light should be avoided after sunset at all costs.

“Taking a bath or shower before bed and sleeping naked may be helpful.

“The bedroom should be cool and dark with no light at all. If light is needed (to go to the bathroom for instance, use a torch with a red bulb).
“Avoid using night lights and alarm clocks that shine all night.

“Switch off Wi-Fi at night and keep the lights low around the house for the latter part of the evening.”

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