How to sleep: Lavender and melatonin reduce anxiety to help with better sleep

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Sanjay Verma, Chief Sleep Officer at Hilding Anders, the global sleep, health and wellness group, commented on the role sleep can play in improving immunity to viral infections, and how rising COVID-19 cases and the third national lockdown could lead to more lucid dreams.

Sanjay said: “Studies show that not getting enough sleep can weaken your immunity to viral infections.

“As COVID-19 cases rise and we’re plunged into our third national lockdown, it’s more important now than ever before to reassess your sleep and ensure you’re getting enough, good quality sleep each night.

“In one study, conducted in a controlled environment, people who slept for five hours compared to seven were three times more likely to catch a viral infection.

“Just two hours of sleep less a night can impact your health. We know from our global study of 4,000 people that individuals aren’t getting enough sleep, with Brits alone getting 1.4 hours sleep less than they want to at night.

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