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Sophie Jackson, a historian, revealed Ian had some contact with an agent known as White Rabbit, who went on many dangerous and exciting missions during his time in the war.

White Rabbit, AKA Wing Commander Forest Frederick Edward Yeo-Thomas, known as Tommy, did several dangerous missions, reportedly escapes from a concentration camp, infiltrated Nazi-occupied France multiple times and even had direct contact with Winston Churchill.

Sophie found a letter from Ian to colleagues about this agent, believing he was the true ‘original’ Bond.

She told Business Insider: “It shows that Fleming was interested in the case of Yeo-Thomas and had been following it. Fleming picked up the story and was interested in it.

“On top of that, there are other significant parallels between Yeo-Thomas and Bond, in their personal life, their relationships with women and attitudes towards women and the way Yeo-Thomas acted as a secret agent.

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