James Martin: Chef shares best way to cook halloumi – ‘just a little bit of oil’

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James Martin has shared a vast amount of recipes throughout his television career including savoury and sweet dishes. On his show today, the chef shared how to cook halloumi so that it is not rubbery and chewy. 

It is recommended to cut it into 1/2cm thick slices.

James added: “So, what we’re going to do is just get this nice and hot first of all. 

“Just use a little bit of oil for this one first of all and I’m just going to get a nice little bit of colour to this.”

James then placed the halloumi into his frying pan, and added that “just one side” should be cooking at any one time.

It is also important to make sure the pan is fairly hot before adding the halloumi to make sure it gets nice and crisp on the outside.

He went on: “This is only just to get a nice little bit of flavour on it.”

It is recommended to cook halloumi for a maximum time of a couple of minutes on each side, so that it has a crisp outside and a soft inside.

The chef added: “It’s so quick and you don’t want to overcook it, because obviously it’s going to colour in the centre anyway.”

Last month, James shared how to make a homemade lemon mayonnaise that would be perfect to accompany steak or chips.

He explained that you need “good quality egg yolks with those bright yellow big yolks” and mix them before adding a touch of Dijon mustard.

Next, add a tiny little bit of vinegar before mixing the ingredients altogether.

The chef said: “Not too much vinegar because this is going to be a lemon mayonnaise, so we’re going to put lemon juice in that as well.”

He then added some lemon juice before mixing again and waiting 30 seconds for the ingredients to emulsify before slowly pouring in some vegetable oil and mixing again until smooth.

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