James Martin reveals ‘food of the devil – I hate them’

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James Martin, 48, has shared a vast amount of recipes throughout his television career and is known for using oils and butters when cooking. Sharing a twist on the popular California roll, James explained that he changes one ingredient because he cannot stand it. 

For those who also don’t like crab, tuna is a great healthy alternative that can produce the same flavour. 

It is also a great source of protein with essential amino acids.

However traditionally, the sushi roll does contain crab meat due to its meaty texture and rich taste.

Here is how to make James Martin’s California sushi roll.


Firstly, start of by making the dip so that it can be placed in the fridge.

To make the dip, grate the ginger to release all the juice, mix in the soy and sesame oil. 

For the California rolls, place cling film all over the sushi mat and then place a nori sheet on top.

Using wet fingertips, cover the rice in a thin flat layer and sprinkle half of the sesame seeds and flip the whole thing over onto a board.

Place the cucumber, tuna, avocado and chives as well as the mayonnaise at the bottom end and roll up tightly.

To service, slice all four rolls into six even sized pieces and plate up with the dip.

For the seared tuna, pop some oil into a plan and sear the tuna on all sides for one minute, season and slice. 

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