James Martin’s Saturday Morning: How to make the best onion rings

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James Martin usually begins every episode of his Saturday morning show by following a tried and tested recipe that audiences can attempt at home. This morning, he cooked calf’s liver with an onion sauce and mashed potatoes.

Turning back to the task of making onion rings, James called his batter a “wonderful little batter”.

The chef sliced an onion in fine circles and then dropped the slices into the flour.

“No need to put them in flour first, they’re just going to go straight in there anyway,” he said, as the batter is sufficient coating.

James then used his hands to mix the onions in the flour.

James later served the onion rings alongside the finished meal.

The rings were perfect golden colour and seemed crispy.

They make a perfect side dish to any meal, but especially meat.

Today, James chose calf’s liver as his meal’s centrepiece, covered with an onion, beer, and sherry vinegar gravy.

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