Jerk chicken recipe: How to make jerk chicken

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Jerk chicken recipes are the most traditional for the summer months, with people eager to celebrate sun-drenched days outside. Revellers can gather around their barbecue now COVId-19 restrictions have slightly relaxed, but with some due caution. The best way to safely enjoy chicken is in skewer form, which reduces unnecessary mess.

How to make jerk chicken

Jerk chicken is a tried and tested meal, but with several variations over the years.

One of the best recipes for the dish comes from famed Jamaican chef Fay DeLeon, who has a wealth of experience with her country’s delicacies.

Her recipe is easy to prepare and quick to cook, and according to Ms DeLeon, goes best with a Jamaican-Style Mango Salsa to compliment the spice.

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For those barbecuing, preheat the unit to 350C, and brush it with some cooking oil.

Then brush the skewers with the spicy barbecue sauce on the grill, close the lid and cook them for five minutes on each side.

Once cooked, brush the skewers with the barbecue sauce and move them to the upper rack.

After five minutes, the sauce should have sufficiently soaked in, and the skewers will be ready to serve.

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