Kate Middleton ‘helping William repair from loss of fun brother Prince Harry’ – expert

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Judi added: “All of Kate’s shots from their outings yesterday show a determination to show happiness, roaring laughter and a genuine sense of fun that was often self-deprecating.”

“She was very low-key regal, even bending almost to the ground to accept some flowers from a little girl, and often walking with her fingers touching in front of her ribcage in a gesture of childlike anticipation and excitement, but she now appears to have the levels of charisma to be able to create and spread the royal magic even when she’s in jeans and a baggy jumper.

“William and Kate’s non-verbal signals pitched them as a genuinely happy couple who appear to have grown even closer over 10 years of marriage.

“There is also a suggestion that Kate’s displays of playful, shared fun might be helping William to repair from the loss of his ‘fun’ younger brother.”

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