Kate Middleton parenting: Duchess’ ‘authoritative’ style likely ‘maintained’ in private

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Kate Middleton, 39, and Prince William, 38, have three royal children together, Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two. The family were last seen out as a family of five back in December.

“Whether it’s a gentle squeeze or the boundary of a soft-barrier arm, the children are working happily and most likely need those gentle limits.”

Kate and William will also often show affection towards their children in public like holding their hands or picking them up.

While there are many royal traditions, being affectionate in public isn’t often seen.

In fact, public displays of affection would have once been frowned upon.

The expert added: “Furthermore, Kate is quick to ‘be’ where her children need her to be, whether that’s crouched in support, sat flat playing, or standing tall as a pillar of support. 

“This contrasts most significantly with permissive parenting styles, where parents are distanced physically and with boundary setting are non-existent.”

The Duchess faces less protocol than a reigning monarch and modern norms allow her to act more naturally with her children.

In all instances, we see that proximity to their mother is well understood by the children, which is a key determiner of how likely her style is maintained away from the cameras,” Leon said.

He added: “From working with hundreds of children and parents, in just a few seconds, it’s very easy to see, where boundaries and trust lie between parents, children and of course siblings, and from the images, it’s clear that these strong loving bonds are in place when away from the camera too.

“Parenting styles are obviously changing from generation to generation and culture to culture, and it would be interesting to know how much of Kate’s actions are innate, learned from her own upbringing or conscious choices.”

Kate and William have swapped in-person appearances for virtual video calls this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

Yesterday the couple appeared in a video to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

For the occasion, the Duchess opted for bold green tweed blazer from high-street retailer Zara.

Wearing a green outfit to celebrate the national holiday is something Kate has often done over the years.

She added a Daniella Draper Shamrock necklace to the look and Prince William was also wearing a green polo top.

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