Keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer – TikTok hacks revealed

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The video teaches viewers how to prolong the life of certain fruits and vegetables in a simple and ecologically friendly way. Starting with celery and carrots, the @earthtopia TikTok account claims that storing these in a jar of water will keep them fresh for up to two and four weeks, respectively.

The TikToker also claims storing half an avocado with a chopped onion will prevent browning for up to three days.

Finally, the video shows strawberries being washed with diluted vinegar in an effort to maintain their life for an extra two weeks.

Although the hacks are eco-friendly and appear to be incredibly simple to implement, it has left several viewers perplexed as some feel it lacks important details.

The hack does not show what temperature the fruit and vegetables should be stored at, nor does it explain if jars and containers should have lids on them and how these eco-hacks could impact taste.

Fellow TikTokers shared their thoughts in the video’s comments.

One asked: “Will the strawberries taste vinegary?

A second user questioned: “Will the avo taste like onion?”

Another suggested: “If you only use half of your avocado keep the pit with it, helps it keep from browning as fast.”

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