Lewis Hamilton accidentally confirms F1 2022 plans amid ‘exciting’ Max Verstappen battle | F1 | Sport

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“So it was important for me to gauge where the starting point is, and what difference I can help, so that from a driver’s point of view we have more grip, more mechanical grip in our tyres and less degradation.”

And nothing gets past eagle-eyed journalists as he was promptly asked when he decided he has come to the conclusion to stay in F1 next season.

“The thing is, I’m pretty spontaneous so it can always change,” replied Hamilton, smiling. “But I don’t know, I’m enjoying this battle [between Hamilton and Verstappen], it’s getting more exciting, it’s been even more of a challenge.

“As I’ve said I continue to love working with this team, and it’s encouraging to see the steps my team are making towards becoming more inclusive and more diverse.

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