Lidl: Supermarket relaunches McDonald’s look-alike to rival Aldi

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Lidl often changes and updates its stock, introducing new products to stores. This month, customers have noticed that the retailer’s famous chicken nugget product is back on shelves.

Customers were informed of Lidl’s chicken nuggets when the popular food page, New Foods UK, posted an image of the product on its Instagram earlier this month.

The post garnered mixed reviews, with some people saying they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the nuggets, while others seemed to be unimpressed with the product’s description.

One person wrote: “Let’s have a Lidl date!”

Another person commented: “They’re amazing.”

Another person agreed: “Liquid seasoning. Erm. No thanks.”

Some people noted that the product looked very similar to Aldi’s chicken nuggets.

Lidl’s rival launched a McDonald’s look-alike range earlier this year, in May.

Aldi’s box of 12 chicken nuggets also costs £1.69 and is accompanied by two dips.

Unlike Lidl’s, the dips are tangy sweet chilli and BBQ.

Both supermarkets’ chicken nugget boxes are cheaper than the McDonald’s version, which costs £3.29 for a box of nine.

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