Manuka honey benefits: A teaspoonful of the sweet stuff could heal the body – here’s how

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For example, people can enjoy Manuka honey:

  • Eating it straight from a spoon
  • Mixed into a warming drink
  • Stirred into a smoothie
  • Used in raw desserts and treats
  • Used in salad dressings
  • Smeared directly onto skin (which may help treat any skin conditions such as acne or eczema)

Can honey really help with eczema?

The National Eczema Association recognised that honey has historically been known to posses “wound-healing properties”.

Referencing two studies published in 2017 that have looked at the application of honey in eczema, there have been some “promising results”.

One investigation found that the topical use of Manuka honey on problem areas overnight led to “significant symptom reduction” in just seven days.

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