Marks and Spencer: Retailer slammed for ‘copying’ Dishoom recipe

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Just weeks after the Colin the Caterpillar cake drama, Marks and Spencer is once again involved in a food battle. A photo shared by the supermarket on Instagram this week gained huge traction, with many Britons disapproving of the post and its caption.

One person wrote: “Copying Dishoom!!!”

Another said: “Wow M&S, didn’t like it when Aldi copied you, but then completely ripping off Dishoom’s recipe and make at home kit.”

One Dishoom fan commented: “It’s basically the Dishoom dish.”

Another person agreed. They said: “Wow. 100 percent Dishoom rip off.”

“We highly respect the incredible work Dishoom does to support children’s meal charities, and we’ll be reaching out to Magic Breakfast.”

Dishoom posted on Twitter on Thursday, July 1. A spokesperson for the brand wrote: “Dearest friends, it may not have escaped some people’s notice that a rather famous retailer has, in the past days, been peddling the recipe for a dish that is especially close to our hearts.

“In fairness to @marksandspencer, they did, after much prompting from our kind patrons (for which we’re truly grateful) credit Dishoom as their inspiration. We were happy to have a little fun in response (and we got to eat a fair few Percy Pigs in the process).

“They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we were, of course, a little taken aback to have inspired such an esteemed establishment.”

The restaurant group added: “You see, @marksandspencer, this isn’t just a bacon naan roll, this is the Dishoom Bacon Naan Roll, and it means a great deal more to us than you know.”

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